An entirely new way to check models

An entirely new way to check models

If the model’s right – your Associate is the rockstar. If it’s wrong, you should have caught it...

Welcome to the "downside-only" task of model checking.

When we were in your seat, the only way we could be 100% confident in a model's accuracy was to build one of our own on the side.

That's what Mosaic solves for - cross check your Associate's model to an independent system in a few minutes and either (i) confirm its accuracy or (ii) quickly surface and address errors.

The only way to be 100% sure a model is right is to re-run it through an independent system

Quickly and confidently validate model math
Quickly and confidently validate model math

Quickly and confidently validate model math

Enjoy peace of mind that no one else can provide today.

What’s the chance that both Mosaic and your Associate are wrong in the exact same way?

Manually checking each cell in Excel is a nightmare alternative. We’ve studied dozens of final round bid models and counted an average of 50,000 populated cells per model. Even glancing at each cell for 1 second would require a staggering 14 hours of review time (which no one would ever do). So what’s the practical alternative today without Mosaic? High-level checks of a subset of the model with high probability of an error slipping through.



Running Mosaic is the first thing I do when I receive a new model to review and the last thing I do before sharing with my MD.

If the outputs line up perfectly – or if I understand and accept why they don’t – I have full confidence in my Associate’s model.

Achieving that level of certainty without Mosaic used to take me hours.

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The only thing worse than building Excel models is reviewing them...

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