Unveiling Mosaic Vision™: The World's First AI-Powered Financial Model Reader


Unveiling Mosaic Vision™: The World's First AI-Powered Financial Model Reader

The year is 2024: Cars can drive themselves. Rockets can land vertically after returning from space. But for some reason, Ivy League grads at firms managing billions are still typing numbers from one printed page into spreadsheet cells so they can then be printed out on another page.

We set out to solve this problem three years ago and have since built Mosaic into the world’s #1 Digital Deal Modeling platform, serving some of the world’s most innovative investment firms.

During that time, one the most significant inventions of our lifetimes – Generative AI – broke into the mainstream and captured the world’s attention and our imaginations around what it could mean for the limitations that we previously believed were imposed on the problem we set out to solve.

Since OpenAI rolled out significant enhancements to its API in the past few months – and importantly committed to not train its models on any data transmitted via the API – the team at Mosaic dug in deep.

Today, we’re excited to share with the world our first application of this revolutionary technology in dealmakers’ workflows with Mosaic Vision™ – which we believe to be the world’s first commercially available financial model reader and translator.

With Mosaic Vision™, investors can take a screenshot of financial projections (e.g., from a CIM, pitch book, public company investor presentation, etc.) and by uploading it to Mosaic Vision™, be instantly able to (i) adjust growth rates, margins, and other forecast items; (ii) clone upside, base, and downside cases; and (iii) add transaction assumptions to calculate deal returns (e.g., IRR, MOIC, etc.) – all from a static page and without opening a spreadsheet.

For those of you who are familiar with our platform – you’ll notice that Mosaic Vision™ is supercharging the Operating Model step in Mosaic – the data entry piece that was by far the “longest pole in the tent” of model building.

Getting that initial (likely Management) case populated within a few moments – that we can then clone, tweak, and send to an LBO model – immediately puts us in the driver’s seat as an investor – setting us up to do the thoughtful, differentiated work LPs trust us to do – instead of resigning ourselves to mechanical data entry on autopilot.

Mosaic Vision™ in Action

The flow works like this:

  • Take a screenshot of the financial table you want to run scenarios around (pro tip: use Snipping Tool for this – it’s preloaded on most Windows machines and [windows key + shift + s] will bring it up and automatically add it to your clipboard).

  • Upload the screenshot to Mosaic – either drag and drop the file as shown below, or click “paste from clipboard” if you used the Snipping Tool trick above

  • Let Mosaic Vision™ work its magic. (note: it may not happen exactly as fast as in the video 😇)

  • Spot check that the AI did a good job. Check the formulas that it inferred and make sure they’re right. Spot check the totals. Mosaic may instantly allow you to operate like an MD, but it doesn’t absolve you of all responsibility of owning the numbers.

    • You know the spiel:

  • Once you’re comfy with the numbers, you can go back to trusting the platform fully. AI has done it’s job, and now it’s back to good old fashioned reliable algorithms. Send it to an LBO, clone a bunch of cases off it, and start exploring “what you need to believe” about the deal you’re on.

Data Confidentiality & Security

Mosaic Vision™ will continue to adhere to the rigorous security and confidentiality standards that have afforded us the privilege of serving some of the world's best and most innovative investment firms - enforcing encryption at all levels and meeting the SOC 2 Trust Services Criteria for Security. Mosaic Vision™ will only be trained on public company data collected and managed by Mosaic employees outside of the production environment.

Mosaic customer data will not be used to train Mosaic’s or OpenAI’s models.

Direct links to OpenAI’s relevant policies and documentation are provided below:

Rollout Plan – Opt-in to AI

Out of an abundance of caution given the sensitivity some organizations have expressed around AI-enabled services, Mosaic Vision™ will be made available to all existing enterprise customers who opt-in (i.e., firms will not have access turned on by default). We are doing this to ensure firms’ IT organizations have ample opportunity to ask us the important questions they may have on this topic and gain comfort that our approach fits industry best practice and their internal policies put in place around this important theme.

To begin the opt-in process for your firm, please reach out to your Mosaic Account Executive or send us a note at sales@mosaic.pe or via the form below.

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